We help companies turn their ideas into unique Web Back-end Mobile App solutions.

We provide premium development and design solutions to forward-thinking companies.


Our services are aimed at Software Development Outsourcing companies, Startups, SMBs and Enterprises who want to build custom web and mobile solutions and reach their full potential, but are not quite ready to develop and design in-house or simply need a reliable software development outsourcing partner to augment their capabilities.

Custom Software Development

We work closely and consultatively so that the true business requirements are captured and analysed, ensuring that business processes as reflected in the software architecture and design are streamlined, efficient and flow logically. Proper design, architecture and overview are essential to developments which function well.

Mobile Application Development

And what is web without mobile today? Our iOS and Android experts breathe innovation and are eager to help you engage your end-users better and improve your own productivity. In mobile development we adopt the customer-first strategy to ensure a smooth experience and we are unstoppable until we get to that win-win solution.


Deliver expert consultancy at the highest level including, technology architecture design and review, system design and specification, health checks and emergency system failure resolution as well as business process consultancy (as it relates to application development projects).

Latest projects

We provide premium development and design solutions to forward-thinking companies.


The simplest way to reduce food waste. With Smart Kitchen, you can list the products you have purchased, categorize them and quickly create a shopping list. Available for download on iOS and Android.


Paragog is a cloud-based software solution developed to simplify the processes of production and manufacturing, order and customer management processes.


We build BKA Law's web site and custom dashboard. The company is an independent and boutique law firm, located in İstanbul, Turkey.

Erkan Baran / Founder

8+ years of .Net Stack, JavaScript, C#, SQL Server experience and 2+ years’ experience of React, Typescript with a focus on the full Software Development life cycle, from requirements analysis, design, build, test and implementation of applications, , in an Agile Environment using Scrum methodologies.
Extensive knowledge of .Net Core, C#, MVC, API, SQL, No-Sql, React for Back-End and Front-End programming to various software and systems development projects for business in such areas as fintech, e-commerce, retail, pharma and more.

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